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A 200 limited EP, “KEIREN”, the first recording under QUJAKU, was released exclusively by So I Buried Records on 12 May 2016. This EP contains two long-length tracks with more than 7 minutes each and is released on vinyl for the first time in their career. ///Tracklist/// 1. KEIREN 2. SHINONOME ///Biography/// QUJAKU are a Japanese psychedelic band formed in 2013 and based in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. Violent but delicate melody and heavy but stable rhythm remind you Japanese underground legends such as Keiji Haino and Les Rallizes Denudes, the insane dark deep heavy roaring sound containing gothic elements at the same time leads you to the utopia, the deep psychedelia opening the third eye. The band released a debut album, “ZyouK”, in 2015 and toured the UK, Germanyand Hungary, followed by a release of an EP, “KEIREN”, and a UK tour in 2016. In 2017, they released an EP, “H” and had their biggest ever Europe tour with 26 shows in 5 countries, including three music festival appearances at Fat Out Fest, Focus Wales and Raw Power. In August 2018, they released the latest album, "QUJAKU", and had another Europe tour including a festival appearance at Nox Orae.