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An exclusive split album by GRIMM GRIMM and TAPERS, limited to only 100 copies. Each artist took the concept "childhood" - its nostalgia and emotion, the pleasure and contentment, even frustration and fear. Both GRIMM GRIMM and TAPERS create such feeling through their music, although doing so in different ways. Life is hard, and things don't happen as smoothly as you'd wish. This album is one to change minds and inspire, in the warmest and cruelest way. ///Tracklist/// 1. Kazega Fuitara Sayounara (GRIMM GRIMM) 2. Hazy Eyes Maybe (GRIMM GRIMM) 3. Robert Downey Syndrome (GRIMM GRIMM) 4. Walk Into The Cold Water With You (GRIMM GRIMM) 5. Knowing (GRIMM GRIMM) 6. Suite (TAPERS) 7. Untitled 11 (TAPERS) ///Biography/// GRIMM GRIMM GRIMM GRIMM is the acid-folk solo project Koichi Yamanoha, a London-based Tokyo native and former 1/3 of cult psychedelic punks Screaming Tea Party. With Yamanoha as the lynch pin, GRIMM GRIMM features a shifting line-up of collaborators that includes Le Volume Corbe and members of Chrome Hoof, Let's Wrestle and fellow Japanese ex-pats Bo Ningen. Packed with hooks, the GRIMM GRIMM sound mixes the melancholic beauty and noise of Nico, the soundscapes of Eno and the melodies of The Beatles with baroque flourishes and a passing nod the otherworldly pop sensibility of Joe Meek. GRIMM GRIMM are regular performers at Myths Of The Far Future (the east London psych-folk night run by Yamanoha). TAPERS TAPERS are an experimental duo, formed in 2012 in London by Gustav Rye and Simon Kinch. As each member's background is different - Gustav studying philosophy before training as a sound engineer, Simon training as a classical composer - their music is difficult to categorise, containing elements of contemporary classical music, electro and reggae. Despite only recently forming, one of their songs, Breath 1, was chosen as "Track of the Day" by The 405, one of the biggest British independent music websites, in September 2013.