BBBLood / umez 'BBBlood / umez'

BBBLood / umez 'BBBlood / umez'

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An exclusive split album by BBBlood, one of the few artists in London creating truly harsh industrial noise, and Umez, a London-based Japanese avant-garde band. It’s only limited to 100 copies. It is easy to say that this split album is noisy, but describing the album as only “noisy” isn’t probably enough as this split album has two sides of noise music, black noise by BBBlood and white noise by Umez. The first two tracks by BBBlood are harsh industrial noise creating an uncomfortable sound for your brain and trying to destroy your eardrums. However, as a result of listening to both tracks, you’ll find out how you feel when you’re in ecstasy because of the pure quality of the black noise created by BBBlood. After the two tracks by BBBlood, you’ll face the three tracks by Umez and realise how wide the range of their music is, from noise to J-pop. While BBBlood provides you black harsh industrial noise, Umez sound touchingly white despite the fact that they play heavy noise at the same time. It’s because they have a sense of making great pop tunes and know how music turns to be, leading the split album to contain two opposite colours of the sound in the best way. ///Tracklist/// 1. Breath In The Fumes (BBBlood) 2. Mouse Trap (BBBlood) 3. Z-Fighters (umez) 4. airship (umez) 5. Kokoro Wo Hiraite (umez)